About Us
TAP Telion is created by professionals, people for whom exceptional and consistent quality, trustworthy solutions and reliable products are the priorities. Involved in the packaging industry since 2000, we combine our experience with a fresh approach.
The Production plant is equipped with a number of various types of machines which enable us to manufacture a wide range of products in various configuration.
Our brands
TAP Telion trade brands GPACK, GPACK FoamCRAFTER and GPOST are trusted by customers both in Poland and Europe. We make sure our products meet the highest international standards and are environmentally friendly.
Our offer includes not only standard solutions and formats but also special productions. We execute orders according to our customers ideas and requirements.

Quality You can touch

GPACK air bubble envelopes combine professional appearance, strong paper and durable bubble wrap. They are the perfect packaging to protect fragile contents. Our bubble envelopes are made of high quality raw materials which provide protection against tearing, crumbling as well as adverse weather conditions such as rain.

The bubbles are not enough?

GPACK FoamCRAFTER is the strongest envelope on the market. We use advantages of the Kraftliner paper and PE foam to provide best protection for delicate or challenging content. It is the ideal choice for users to whom the functionality of a standard bubble bag is not enough.

Satisfaction you need.

Polythene bags are a modern mail-order packaging solution tailored to the needs of the present market. Poly mailer bags are very capacious, lightweight and practical. By sending mail in GPOST you are sure that it reaches the recipient intact, unbroken and dry, irrespective of the weather conditions.

Creating own brand raises the stakes

Create your own graphic design on the envelope and we will produce it. Such solution delivers multiple benefits and can be a very good supplement to the marketing strategy. Studies have shown that consumers consider purchase of goods from the "private label” group as saving. At the same time this products are treated with full confidence in the quality and product's usefulness.

Our passion is creation of modern mailing solutions. Many years of experience allow us to support customers at every stage of their projects. Curiosity of the world and openness means that the offered products are constantly improved, therefore the opinion of our customers is extremely important. We invite you to contact us regarding cooperation, but also observations and comments.

Let's stay in touch!

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