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  • TAP Comebag®

    Long-lasting and easily recyclable. What’s not to like?

  • TAP Colorbag

    Just like the Comebag only printable. It’s time to brand…

  • TAP Coexbag

    Supreme bubble protection from a hardwearing mailer.

  • TAP Foambag

    Enhanced safety from a light foam-based sheet.

  • TAP Polybag

    The versatile, customisable, pure polythene film.

  • TAP Mailbag

    Strong, durable and biodegradable. The Mailbag’s got it all.

  • Jiffy® Padded Bag

    The original classic that’s still going strong. Find out why.

  • Tap-o-Pac

    Practical and convenient, a tear-off dispenser made for rolls.

  • Private: Services

    Personalized print, own size, foiling. We will manufacture your needs.

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Abriso Jiffy COP – Internal Environmental Policy Statement

With this month’s vital COP26, the fight against climate change has gained even greater momentum. And at Abriso Jiffy, we’re already

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Abriso Jiffy joins the Circular Plastics Alliance

Abriso Jiffy has become the latest in a long line of European industry leaders (282 and counting) to join the Circular Plastics Alliance in their work to

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Meet Abriso-Jiffy, Finalist for Enterprise of the Year 2020

Abriso Jiffy has become the latest in a long line of European industry leaders (282 and counting) to join

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360 recycling

As well as post-industrial waste resin, TAP also takes post-consumer waste resin, and feeds 100% of it back into our manufacturing processes. In other words, from household recycling, to business and industrial recycling, everything is used again and again to make Abriso Jiffy Ocean Green bubble and Black Packaging foam — with no reduction in quality.

Production matters

At TAP, when it comes to production, we’re constantly investing in the future. That means researching and developing both new and innovative mailers, as well as industry-leading ways of manufacturing them. Of course, we will always place sustainability at the heart of everything we do.